SMS 220


Lenght of cut
220 cm (86 2/3”)


Depth of cut
90 mm (3 1/2”)


Motor power
3 CV – 2,2 kW


Disc diameter
360 mm (14”)

  • For cutting granite, marble, porcelain, single and double fired, bricks, cement etc..
  • Maximum lenght of cut 220 cm (86 2/3”).
  • Max depth of cut: 90 mm (3 1/2”) in one single pass; 125 mm (4”) in double pass.
  • Diamond blade max Ø 360 mm (14”); min Ø 300 mm (12”).
  • Plunge cut and adjustable cutting depth.
  • Heavy duty water pump and jet nozzles provide superior blade cooling.
  • Water jet near to the cutting point for an optimal cooling.
  • Pivoting blade guard remains parallel with tile to ensure maximum cutting depth.
  • Cast and extruded aluminum framework.
  • Re-adjustable square for long lasting precision.

  • Easy-to-remove polypropylene tank for easy cleaning. Capacity: 38 lt (10 Gal).
  • Sliding motor assembly with galvanized steel housing provided with 4 pulleys (double internal bearings each).
  • Pulleys are easy to re-adjust (tighten): avoid play and confer long lasting precision of cut.
  • Tilting movement (0-47°) for 45° angle cut (jolly).
  • Equipped with the motor feed system with wheel kit.
  • Telescopic legs provided with double safety device and wheels kit.
  • Equipped with: wheel kit feed, wheels kit for easy transport, keys kit, user manual.
  • Wide range of accessories available.

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