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  • 1974 - SAIE - Bologna
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  • 1982 - CERSAIE - Bologna
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  • CERSAIE 2014
    40th years anniversary booth

About us


    Officially established on 1974, the history of Raimondi S.p.A. dates back to almost one century ago. Indeed, in the early 1900’s the Raimondi family entered the Tile industry through the father of the founder, a master tile setter. From him, the founder Mirco Raimondi, apprenticed under his father and practiced the art until 1960. On those years, Mirco Raimondi left the job site with the intention of realizing some of his ideas. So he started manufacturing machines designed to improve job quality and productivity while simultaneously reducing operator fatigue: the vibrating machines. Of proven effectiveness and high quality, those products immediately met the approval of professional tilers. It was year 1974 and the company Raimondi Mirco S.n.c was established (which in 1984 will became Raimondi S.r.l. and, in 2003 Raimondi S.p.A.). The founder was soon joined by his son and current chairman Ivan Raimondi as well as his nephew Giorgio Sighinolfi (who took care of design & engineering). Together they expanded the range of products and the distribution network in a very short time, leading the company to develop the domestic market first and growing internationally shortly after. Currently Raimondi S.p.A., who in the meantime saw the joining of the third generation (Marco Raimondi and Riccardo Sighinolfi), is a fast paced leader in the production of Tile / Stone machines and tools worldwide. All this without losing its vocation for product quality and efficacy and, of course, the “made in Italy”.


    Not only made in Italy. But made in Modena. Worldwide - city heart of ceramics, as well as city strongly devoted to mechanics. Activities linked to quality craftsmanship, but also to industry, to which still today we rely on selecting the best suppliers. Raimondi S.p.A. designs and manufactures in two facilities based in Modena, subjecting both components and products to accurate controls. That’s why after more than 40 years we are still able to guarantee that quality level that distinguishes us from the beginning.


    Raimondi S.p.A. has always focused its product research on the end user: the tile-setter. Every single item, from the simplest tool to the most complicated machine, is developed according to the needs of the professional, aiming at three main targets: to improve the quality of the finished work, to increase productivity, and to reduce operator fatigue. Thanks to this, we have managed to introduce to the market highly innovative products throughout our history, always in step with the times and in line with professionals’ needs.


    We have always loved people to see and touch our products and still we do. We strongly believe both in direct contact with the final user of our products (the tiler) and with those who bring the products to him, sales & distribution network. For this reason, since 1974 we regularly exhibit at the most important trade shows and exhibitions both domestic and international. For this reason, we always organize events to exchange feedbacks with tilers and, of course, to offer them our installation methods and products. This mutual and constant exchange of information and opinions is essential not to lose contact with those who are the final judges of our products and from whose satisfaction depends our success.


    On year 2013 Assoposa was founded, the Italian association dedicated to the tiler’s recognition and training. Raimondi S.p.A. is one of the founding members as a technical partner. Since 2013 we support this project by actively participating to the training and updating of dozens of “masters” tilers” throughout Italy. The reason of this is because we still believe in value and importance of the tiler in the long process that transforms raw materials into raw ceramics and subsequently into floors (or cladding). As well as the best fabrics that without good tailors will never become beautiful dresses, even the finest, beautiful and technically high-spec tiles will never become beautiful floors without the support of an excellent tilers. Considering our company’s philosophy, actively supporting Assoposa since its foundation was almost physiological for us and we are proud to continue to give them our contribution.


    Since “Raimondi Mirco s.n.c.” was established on year 1974, we have been using a Dog as a trademark since we felt it would underline the qualities of “reliability and loyalty” - qualities the founder appreciated so much - thus identifying trademark for the newborn company became: the dog, “man’s best friend” faithful, reliable, and loyal. On year 1984 the company changed from Raimondi Mirco s.n.c. to Raimondi S.r.l., and a second dog was added to the first one: the latter, lively and bouncy represents the new company, while the first dog (who is enjoying a well- deserved rest) represents the previous company. On year 2003 the company changed its status from S.r.l. to the current S.p.A. [from limited liability company into joint stock company], keeping its trademark unchanged, that trademark having embodied the promises made back in 1974.


    Raimondi S.p.A. is on line at www.raimondispa.com Our website highlights the latest news in terms of products and events. In addition, the user can easily access & review the technical information of every single products as well as downloading detailed brochures on specific products. Last but not least, the web site provides the list of events (exhibitions, open-houses, etc…) in which the company participate and/or organize. On our YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/Raimondispa) as well as on our website, all products’ videos can be watched on PC, tablet or smartphone. The products with (youtube icon) have a video on the youtube chanell to which it is possible to quickly access with mobile devices using QRcode. In addition to that, always driven by the aim to be as close as possible to the end users, keeping them informed about our latest news and helping them with their needs, we are on the major social networks like Instagram and Facebook.


    Since 1974 we have been committed to being recognized as reliable and innovative partners for "the world of tile installation". Witness the choice of the “DOGS” logo par excellence faithful and reliable. Collaboration between everyone within the company is the starting point for any success. Success achieved thanks to the passion, commitment and spirit of belonging. As we work together we want to attest:
    • trust, as the possibility of entrusting ourselves to others because they are worthy of esteem and respect;
    • confrontation, for willingness to listen other positions;
    • sharing, to constantly communicate the goals and intentions of work among ourselves;
    • the responsibility to give answers to the commitments assumed in autonomy and competence. This is our commitment, our way of helping to make and keep our team successful in facing the challenges we have to face in this historic moment. Thanks to the support of a specialized external company, we evaluated the 231 Organizational Model which intends to strengthen and promote these values starting from prevention with respect to the commission of crimes and greater organizational clarity as well as a more specific declination of the commitments and expectations that the company wishes to pursue.

    Raimondi SpA Code of Ethics 2022

    MOG Raimondi S.p.A. (general part)

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