POLYSTYCUT – Manual hot wire foam cutter for insulation boards


  • Hot wire cutter for polystyrene foam insulation boards;
  • Coated metal frame;
  • Anti-slip feet for great stability both onto walls and on the ground;
  • Equipped with folding stand with great stability;
  • Tilting square with wide support for optimal panel stability;
  • Counter square for repetitive cuts equipped with metric / imperial ruler, which can also be used as an additional support for cutting large panels;
  • Cutting handle sliding onto ball rails in galvanized steel;
  • Cutting handle with adjustable angle (0° to 90°) for diagonal cuts;
  • Cutting handle with travel indicator to make notches / grooves at the desired depth;
  • Cutting precision guaranteed by the material-pressing wheels systems (both for 90° and 45° cutting (“Jolly”);
  • Quick wire warming: less than 6 seconds from switching it on;
  • Cutting handle with travel stop to prevent accidental damages to the machine and to ensure high operator safety;
  • The Counter square could be positioned at 2 different levels to cut small panels, as well, with maximum ergonomics;
  • Clamp kit to attach the foam cutter to vertical or horizontal posts;
  • Maximum cutting thickness 25 cm, maximum cutting height 130 cm;
  • Class II device;
  • NiCr cutting wire Ø 0.55mm;
  • Dimensions and weight for transportation and storage: 37x14x176 cm; 18,1 kg;
  • Packaging dimensions and weight: : 40x15x 181 cm; 20,9 kg;
  • Accessories included: clamps kit for posts, stand for free placement, dual function counter square equipped with metric / imperial ruler, wire kit Ø 0.55 mm + tension spring and additional tensioner, strap for holding the stand during transportation;
  • Power supply: 230V 50 / 60Hz. 35V / 160VA transformer.



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