R.L.S. tiles chipping (and scratching) preventing platform + multi-size spacer


  • Anti-chipping and anti-scratch platform to be used in combination with RLS wedge/clip system;
  • Place in between the wedge and the tile by inserting it on the clip before wedge insertion to avoid potential accidental damage during installation of tiles characterized by a particularly delicate top finishing;
  • The platform performs two functions at the same time:
    Anti-chipping since it prevents the stems of the RLS clip to touch the edge of the tile during wedge
    insertion thanks to a dedicated L-shaped tab;
    Anti-scratch since the wedge does not touch the tile but slides on the platform instead;
  • Furthermore, the platform can also be used as a removable and reusable multi-size-spacer. In fact, 3 sides are designed to perform this function and the create respectively joints sided 1.5 mm, 2 mm
    and 3 mm (1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”);
  • The platform can be reused over and over again. both as anti-chipping and anti-scratch element and multi-size-removable-spacer;
  • The use of the platform keeps the performance of the clips unaltered in terms of maximum and minimum thickness of the tiles to be leveled;
  • It increases the joint size of 0.5 mm (0.019 inches). This is in order to perform the anti-chipping function;
  • It is recommended to perform the fi nal removal phase with a hammer;
  • Made of premium quality plastic material that prevents adhesion of tile adhesive to the product;
  • Comes into plastic bucket for convenient storage.



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