How to set the base/clip

  • After having spread the adhesive, insert the clip (base/support) underneath the tiles and along the 4 sides (fig.1).
  • According with tiles size, set one or more clips on every side of the tile.
  • Set the tile and beat it with a rubber mallet (fig.2).

How to insert the wedge

  • Insert the wedge in the clip (base) slot paying attention not to pass the breakpoint (fig.3).
  • To facilitate this operation, the use of the special traction-adjustable-pliers is recommended (fig.4).

How to remove the support

  • Once the adhesive is set (fig.5), the protruding part of the support, has to be removed by separating it from the clip/base. This can be done with a rubber mallet or even with feet. Beat parallel to the joint (fig.6).


Minimum required joint: 1,5 mm (1/16″). Tile thickness: min 3 mm (1/8″), MAX 12 mm (1/2″)

Download pdf RLS HD gb

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