TIP-TOP Face-up miter clamping device for stairs and countertops of any length



    • Face-up miter clamping devices designed to work with fully visibility of the corner on tiles and stones of any length.
    • It allows the user to see the corner with no need to bend.
    • Independent double micrometric adjustments (vertical – up and down / horizontal – back and forward) allows to easily create the perfect corner.
    • No tile length limits make it perfect for large format porcelain tiles as well.
    • As a general guideline, we recommend to use a pair (1 kit) on tiles or stones up to 200 cm (6.6’) length. For longer tiles just add additional units. Slider adjustment to accommodate laminated edges from 30 to 300 mm (1 3/16” – 12”).
    • Steps/top dimensions (performances):
      maximum tile length: ∞ (infinite / no limit of length);
      riser: maximum 300 mm (12”); minimum 30 mm (1 3/16”).
      maximum tile width: ∞ (infinite / no width limit).
    • Suitable also for corner gluing (3 tiles). At least two kits (4 devices) are necessary to perform this particular operation.
    • The 3 ballasts weighing a total of 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) which equip each device contribute to create the perfect weights distribution to keep the tiles in position.
    • The 2 stain-free rubber suction cups (Ø 88 mm; 3.5”) which equip each device help keeping them in place while doing up & down /back & forward micro-adjustments.
    • Black reference bands make it easy and fast to place the devices on the top of the tiles in the right position.
    • TIP-TOP is designed to work on the top of the tiles. Tiles must be positioned on a stable, sturdy and big-enough table. We recommend to use one or more BM180 PLUS or BM180 MkII tables (worktop dimensions up-to 360×150 cm and even more if needed).
    • Each TIP-TOP kit consists of two devices / units.
    • TIP-TOP is extremely compact and light (6.2 kg / 13.6 lbs per pair / kit) for ease of storage and transport.

    BM180PLUS – adjustable width (100-150 cm / 3.3’- 5’) table for large format tiles


    2x BM180 PLUS (worktop dimensions: 360×150 cm / 11.8’x5′)


      • BM 180 PLUS is a variable width table designed to be the perfect workstation for large format tiles up to 160 cm (5.3’) and to be easy to transport.
      • With few simple movements, the width of the worktop can vary from a minimum of 100 cm (3.3’) to a maximum of 150 cm (5’) with intermediate steps.
      • In order to obtain an optimal worktop for any chosen width, the aluminum profiles are easily movable.
      • When changing the width of the table the legs move as well, therefore they always maintain the optimal position to guarantee the maximum stability and strength of the bench at any chosen width.
      • The length of the top is 180 cm (5.9’). Connect two tables together to obtain a worktop of 360 cm (11.8’) in length (and variable with from 100 to 150 cm – 3.3’ to 5’). This feature makes the BM180 PLUS the perfect workstation for slabs of any size.
      • When in minimum width position, the bench is compact and easy to transport and store. Its folding legs make it even more practical.
      • Being the anodized aluminum profiles (which make up the worktop) spaced and movable, it is possible to perform cuts with angle grinder and diamond blade without damaging them. Moreover, the special tile-support-cylinders (available as an accessory) create a gap between the tile and the worktop allowing to perform cuts with angle grinders in every direction without damaging the bench.
      • Legs provided with adjustable feet for perfect leveling of the bench.
      • The steel structure and the worktop made of anodized aluminum profiles assure maximum strength and stability.
      • It possible to eventually add extra aluminum profiles (accessory).
      • Main important specifications:
        Width: variable/adjustable from 100 to 150 cm (from 3.3’ up to 5’);
        Lenght: 1 bench 180 cm (5.9’); 2 benches combined 360 cm (11.8’);
        Height of the worktop from the ground: 83 cm (32 ¾”);
        Maximum load capacity: 150 Kg (331 lbs).
      • Wide range of accessories available.




        • Anti-chipping and anti-scratching platform to be used in combination with RLS wedge/clip system.
        • Place in between the wedge and the tile by inserting it on the clip before wedge insertion to avoid potential accidental damage during installation of tiles characterized by a particularly delicate top finishing.
        • The platform performs two functions at the same time:
          Anti-chipping since it prevents the stems of the RLS clip to touch the edge of the tile during wedge insertion thanks to a dedicated L-shaped tab;
          Anti-scratch since the wedge does not touch the tile but slides on the platform instead.
        • Furthermore, the platform can also be used as a removable and reusable multi-size-spacer. In fact, 3 sides are designed to perform this function and the create respectively joints sided 1.5 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm (1/16”, 3/32”, 1/8”).
        • The platform can be reused over and over again, both as anti-chipping and anti-scratch element and multi-size-removable-spacer.
        • The use of the platform keeps the performance of the clips unaltered in terms of maximum and minimum thickness of the tiles to be leveled.
        • It increases the joint size of 0.5 mm (0.019 inches). This is in order to perform the anti-chipping function.
        • It is recommended to perform the final removal phase with a hammer.
        • Made of premium quality plastic material that prevents adhesion of tile adhesive to the product.
        • Comes into plastic bucket for convenient storage.

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