RAIZOR Cutting guide for large format tiles




As a matter of fact, large format tiles popularity keeps on growing. RAIMONDI implements its wide range of tools for their installation.

The new cutting guide RAIZOR has a compact and practical design while providing superior performances. Length of cut is 332 cm (10.9’) but thanks to its modularity it reaches 447 cm (14.6’) going through intermediate lengths such as 100, 160 and 275 cm (3.3’, 5.25’, 108.3’). It comes in a padded bag ideal to transport and protect it. The six suction cups ensure maximum stability while scoring. In combination with the special “anti-rollover” design of the sturdy die-cast cutting unit they allow to perform perfect cuts and to apply maximum possible pressure during the scoring with no problem.






POWER-RAIZOR is the cutting unit with grinder for RAIZOR. Its’ variable angle (45/90/180°) allows to perform 45° angle cuts (“jolly”), 90° (straight cut), ½ bullnose shape and kerf. Each angle corresponds to a fixed position so to confer maximum precision and ease of use.





    RLS VITE levelling system



    RAIMONDI was the first to introduce a professional wedge/clip levelling system (RLS) back in 2009 and now introduces the new RLS VITE (screw). Insert the cap in clip threat and with just to fingers twist it down: it reaches the tile in a second. Then tight the cap so to level the tiles. The cap hollow-design allows the user to see the grout joint. Clips creates a nominal joint of 1 mm (1/32”) and are available in two versions: one for tile thickness from 3 to 16 mm (1/8”-19/32”) and the other for thickness from 14 to 26 mm (9/16”- 1”). The latter is ideal also for natural stones installation.






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