Spacers for 20 mm (3/4″) thickness Tiles – JOINT 4 mm (5/32″)

Art. 313+200 & 313+500 (spacers “+” layout in 200 and 500 pcs bags)

Art.313T200 & 313T500 (spacers “T” layout in 200 and 500 pcs bags)

  • Spacers for tiles/slabs with a thickness equal or higher than 20 mm (3/4”).
  • Available both “+” and “T” types.
  • Perfect for outdoor floors laid both with adhesive or onto sand.
  • Made of plastic material which is tested for being resistant even when subjected to bad weather conditions and thermal stress.
  • Equipped with special wings, designed for preventing the rising of the spacer during the vibrator method.
  • The special wings are also provided with specific openings with draining function.
  • Spacer’s height: 12 mm (1/2”).


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