T-CUT – Device for scoring and cutting large format tiles

  • Device for score cutting porcelain slabs;
  • Extremely light (1.7 Kg) and very low dimensions. Excellent portability;
  • For the execution of the incision, the device can be used by placing the wheels on the edge of the tile (for parallel cuts) or, alternatively, at the edge of the workbench (for diagonal cuts). To perform the incision, keep the T-CUT running onto edge and slide it sideways along the entire length of the slab while simultaneously pushing down onto scoring knob unit.;
  • Achievable cutting width with T-CUT running onto edge of the slab: minimum 40 mm, maximum 600 mm (min 1 2/3”- MAX 23 5/8”);
  • Achievable cutting width with T-CUT running onto edge of the workbench: minimum 0 mm, maximum 550 mm (min 0” – MAX 21 2/3”);
  • Unlimited cutting length;
  • Incision wheel Ø 16 mm (5/8”) mounted on a hardened steel pin with two ball bearings;
  • Metric / Imperial ruler showing the cutting width. Easy to regulate;
  • Supplied with cutting-off plier for slabs with 3-12mm (1/8”-1/2”) thickness. Ensures a progressive pressure;
  • The body is equipped with 5 wheels to allow an accurate incision on the entire length of the tile, especially on entering and exiting (start & end incision).










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