Lenght of cut 120 cm (47 1/4”)

Suitable mills 45° finishing mill – 90° mill


Cutting width 60 cm (23 5/8″)


Motor power 1,5 CHP- 1 kW

• Standalone Back-finisher Bulldog; side extensions and trolley are included.
• Most of the porcelain tiles have a textured relief in the back. When there’s the need to install a tile with exposed edge (being the edge just straight or half-bullnosed) the texture would remain exposed requiring heavy use of grout to try to hide it.
Bull-Back-Finisher solves this problem since it is designed to remove the tile back-texture in the area close to the edge of the tile.
• The removal of the back-texture can be parallel (see image A) or 45° (see image B) according to the diamond wheel in use.
• When working with 45° diamond wheel (see image A) the machine removes a thin layer of “back-tile-texture”. The result is a clean area (free from back-texture) close to the edge of the tile. In this way just a layer of material is removed resulting in a very thin joint once the tile is installed.
• When working with 90° diamond wheel (see image B) the machine produces a small 45° bevel on the back of the tile-edge. This allows to remove the tile back-texture creating a joint (bigger or smaller according with the depth of the bevel) once the tile is installed.
• Heavy duty water pumps provides superior wheel cooling.
• Supplied with: side extensions and trolley, user and maintenance manual, keys kit.


Accessories and diamond wheels


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