Diameter tools
280 mm ( 230V and 400V versions)
380 mm (400V version)


Motor power
4 CV – 3kW (400V version)
3,4 CV – 2,5 kW (230V version)


Unit net weight
70 Kg – 154.3 lbs (400V version)
67 Kg – 147.7 lbs (230V version)

• Single-disc/head machine ideal both for scratching porcelain surfaces (but also marble, resin, concrete, etc.) as well as for sanding and smoothing irregular surfaces.
• Tiltable motor assembly for easy maneuverability and to optimize tools action.
• Handle with adjustable height and oscillating grips for operator’s maximum comfort.
• Manico con inclinazione regolabile ed impugnature oscillanti per il massimo comfort dell’operatore.
• Available in two versions:
– 400 V three-phase (3P + T 16A plug) with Ø 380 mm and Ø 280 mm disc holder for segments.
– 230 V single-phase with Ø 280 mm disc holder for segments.
• Suction port for dust extraction.
• Disc holders are suitable for tools with “Frankfurt” mounting interface (maximum 3) and for diamond segments 12×40 mm (from 3 to 6).
• Slinding wheels and slinding handle, in combination with the disk guard which is adaptable to any situation, allow the machine to work very close to walls.
• It comes equipped with 2 ballast units (weighting 3 Kg each): they can be freely positioned next to the motor unit, behind the handle or, alternatively, be completely removable to adjust the amount of pressure to be applied on the surface.
• Motor assembly can be removed from the machine frame.
• Folding handle for taking up a minimum amount of space and easy transportation.
• It comes supplied with: ballast kit, wrench/tool set, segment / tool disc holder Ø 280 mm, segment / tool disc holder Ø 380 mm (only for 400 V version), use and maintenance manual.

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