LEVTOP FLAT – Device for countertops and furniture elements installation


  • To level and align kitchen / bathroom countertops (or other furnishing elements) during the installation phase;
  • Suitable for flat installations;
  • Equipped with a leveling unit;
  • Thanks to the vacuum device, the grip can be restored without removing the suction cup from the slab to grant consistent support during the maturation of the bonding agent;
  • The vertical leveling is achieved via 2 height adjustable feet with knobs which are meant to be positioned on the 2 countertop sections (slabs): the perfect flatness of the 2 countertop sections (slabs) is achieved thanks to the vertical adjustment of the 2 feet;
  • The horizontal alignment of the 2 countertop sections is achieved via a knob which controls with high accuracy the clearance between the 2 suction cups;
  • Equipped with 2 vacuum suction cups RV175 (Ø 175 mm – 6 7/8”) with stain-free rubber pad, ideal for tiles either with textured or smooth surface finish;
  • Suction cups equipped with vacuum gauge;



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