• For straight and 45° angle cut (miter/”jolly”) of porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, etc…
  • Maximum length of cut: 400 cm (13.1’) +15 cm (6”) when performing plunge cut;
  • Dual side bench with countersquare included. Accepts tiles from 0 mm to 1610 mm (5.3’) width (maximum distance between the line of cut and the counter-cutout: 1610 mm – 5.3’). Expand width up to 3300 mm (10.8’) thanks to the dedicate accessory, sold separately (Art. 374BRU 400);
  • Countersquare equipped with double digital display (one on each end of the tile) to measure width of cut and to place tile parallel with the line of cut;
  • Maximum depth (thickness) of cut 90°/straight cut: 30 mm (1.18”);
  • Maximum depth (thickness) of cut 45° angle cut/mitre: 20 mm (0.79”);
  • Available in 400V three-phase (motor power 2.2 Kw);
  • Water jet pointing at the blade outer diamond rim for superior cooling and best cutting performances;
  • External tank. Capacity 38 lt (10 Gal). Immersion pump for water flow (50 liters/minute);
  • Cutting precision guaranteed by the material-pressing wheels systems (both for 90° and 45° cutting (“Jolly”);
  • Very high resistance to rust: main components in ASI304 stainless steel, structure in extruded aluminum, other parts in steel with cataphoresis treatment and paint or galvanized steel;
  • Easy positioning of the slab on the work surface thanks to the 14 omnidirectional wheels that can be operated with a pneumatic system (maximum lifting load 177 Kg evenly distributed on the work surface);
  • Automatic advancement system by gearmotor with adjustment of the advancement speed with a potentiometer;
  • Control panel equipped with ammeter to check performance during the cutting phase;
  • Safety stop device on the whole length of the machine;
  • Equipped with: 2 diamond disc for porcelain Ø 250 mm (10”), – one for 3-12 mm (1/8”-1/2”) thick tiles, one for 13-30 mm (33/64”- 1 3/16”) thick tiles, dual side bench with countersquare, digital display kit for cutting width measurement, tile positioning with pneumatic system omnidirectional wheels, keys kit, user manual;
  • Equipped with: Ø 200 mm (8”) diamond disc for porcelain, wheel kit feed, dual side bench with countersquare, keys kit, user manual;
  • Accessories:
    – additional dual side bench to be connected to those provided with the machine for extending width of cut up to 330 cm – 10.8’ + magnetic strips to change the position of the digital display of the cutting width (Art. 374BRU 400).
  • Requirements:
    – Minimum recommended workstation area with machine in standard configuration: 8×5 m (26.2’x16.4’) ; with extension kit for lateral benches: 8×6,5 m (26.2’x21.3’);
    – Power supply 400V 50Hz Three-phase 5 poles 16 Amp;
    – Compressed air connection (min. 6 bar / max. 10 bar).



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