• Score cutting table for large format tiles, glass, sintered compounds;
  • Maximum cutting length: 3200 mm (10.5’);
  • Maximum cutting width: 1600 mm (5.2’);
  • Tile thickness: minimum 3 mm (0.12’’), maximum 12 mm (0.47’’);
  • Worktop covered with protective fabric to prevent accidental tile’s damages;
  • Air-cushion system: easy tile positioning thanks to a constant air pressure system;
  • Rails and steel bearings provide smooth travel to scoring unit;
  • Pivoting scoring unit to perform scoring and cut on both long and short side;
  • The pneumatically operated scoring unit provides strong and consistent pressure;
  • The adjustable scoring pressure is displayed onto an analog gauge;
  • Four pneumatic shearing bars (two onto short side, two onto long side of the table) together with the counterthrust bridge, provides an effective, fast and accurate snap of the tile after scoring;
  • Retractable stops for 90° squaring the tile before cutting;
  • Digital display for fine-tuning of desired cutting size. It’s possible to reset the values (crucial for cutting in series);
  • Steel structure and wheels to move the table;
  • Adjustable feet for a perfect table levelling;
  • Minimum recommended workstation area: 4,1×6 m (13.45’ x19.68’);
  • Comes supplied with: set of tools, user and maintenance manual, snap plier for tiles thicker than 6 mm (0.24” – Art. 169TM01AN), 2 spare scoring wheels.



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