• 45° Edge-miter-cutting automatic machine (actual angle 47°) with frontal cup wheels, for porcelain, natural stone, glass and sintered compounds;
  • Perfect for serial processing of 45° edge-miter cuts, bevels as well as edge finishing;
  • Maximum tile length: 3200 mm (10.5’);
  • Minimum tile width: 30 mm (1.18”);
  • Maximum tile width: 1600 mm (5.2’). Extendible to 3100 mm (10.2’) or 2600 mm (8.5’) with additional extensions to be purchased separately (on demand);
  • Tile thickness: minimum 3 mm (0.12”); maximum 20 mm (0.79’’);
  • 4 frontal cup-diamond-wheels: the first one is for edge finishing, the others for 45° edge miter shaping and for beveling;
  • Control panel shows electrical absorption of each individual motor (4 motors in total);
  • High resistant and long durability feed belt (where tiles slide onto machine);
  • Dragging belts (adjustable according to tile thickness) made of stain free rubber to ensure a solid grip of the tile;
  • To achieve a perfect stability of the tile, LAB J45 includes a vertical support with sliding rollers, height extensions available (to be purchased separately);
  • Electronic adjustment of the tile/slab feed speed (0,3 ÷ 6 mt/min);
  • Micrometric fine-adjustment of the cup wheels (tenth of millimeter accuracy);
  • Cup wheels cooling via water recirculation circuit with filtering and settling tank (capacity: 280 liters – 74 gal);
  • Coated metal frame, all parts in contact with water are made of stainless steel;
  • Adjustable feet for perfect levelling of the machine;
  • Minimum recommended workstation area: 3.2 x 10.1 m (10.5’x 33.1’);
  • Comes supplied with: set of 4 diamond cup wheels, set of tools, user and maintenance manual.



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